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Successful businesses place their customers at the heart of their business and solve problems for their customers.  Creating a business that solves problems for the customers means offering a solution to the customers by way of running a business that creates value for them.

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The 6 Essential Steps that Get You Ahead

Step 1 - Explore Opportunities and Discover Business Ideas

Ideas are not the same as opportunities.  While an opportunity may exist for you to start your business, it is your business idea that determines whether your business is solving a problem for your customers and thus creates value that people would pay for.

Step 1 Quick Start Tips

Step 2 - Identify Your Market and Gather Market Insights

Your business can thrive only if there is an opportunity and a need for your idea in the market and there is a demand for your products or services.  You must know your target customers and identify existing and potential competitors so that you can differentiate your offering and stand out in the marketplace.

Step 2 Quick Start Tips

Step 3 - Calculate Your Business Cost and Estimate Your Revenue

The financial viability of your business determines its sustainability.  You must know how much cash you need to start your business, how to price your products or services to break even and to see continual growth and profitability.  To do these, you have to know how your business makes money.

Step 3 Quick Start Tips

Step 4 - Test and Validate Your Business Idea

Your business idea is as good as the reason for people’s willingness to want it badly enough to willingly pay for it.  For the business to be sustainable, the business idea must have a good fit with the market to begin with, and it must be built on a business model that is scaleable.

Step 4 Quick Start Tips

Step 5 - Brand Your Business and Connect with Your Customers

Branding your business is the key to getting a following of people when you open your doors for business.  Your product or service must delight your customers with good experience and your brand must connect these customers to your business.

Step 5 Quick Start Tips

Step 6 - Market and Promote Your Business

Marketing and promoting your business is about tapping your market for prospective customers and to influence your customers to buy from you.  To do this, you need good marketing strategies and objectives, and to leverage technology and social media to promote your business.

Step 6 Quick Start Tips

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